Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Chemo Day!

As the title says, today was chemo day.  Fun times as always.  Don't get me wrong I love my doctor, my nurses, receptionists, phlebotomists, medical assistants, schedulers.  I love them all.  For the past eight years they have been my "peeps" with rarely any coming and going.  Well there are new hires now and then but not many people quit.  You know you have a good team when that happens.

It's just we have to get blood out of my foot, which used to suck.  We've now learned tricks that make it not as bad, but that skin on the top of your foot is sensitive.  But I made it through that just fine.  My doctors appointment went well.  We discussed some problems, and some positives. Decided to increase my chemo and off I went to the 6th floor for some magic meds. My treatment went fine, and my nurse was not even able to get my MediPort with one stick.  Back story:  I have had three ports because they just wouldn't work right.  The one I have now has a habit of moving all around every few weeks throwing my nurses off of the game.  I have one nurse, I'll call her J, she can get it every time and has to show everyone what to do.  Life would be much more uncomfortable without J.  So, like I said, it really was a good day.

I just haven't felt well.  So getting out made me feel cruddy. But if you read one of my earlier blogs you will see that I do try and do something special on chemo days.  Today we went out to eat.  Its 'a fantastic po-boy shop called Po-boy Express.  This place has 8 inch small po-boys.  My mother and I were able to split one, get two waters and walk out spending eight bucks.  That's what I call awesome.  The po-boys are amazing too, so that was a major plus.

We ran some errands and made it home just in time for my daughter to see our cups and say "Oh!  You brought me some Po-boy Express!".  Uhhhhhhh.

Chemo days are chemo days.  I can't complain.  They don't leave me sprawled up in the bed sick as a dog (until at least the next day, sometimes not even that!) and the side effects of the drug I'm on are minimal compared to other drugs I have been on at other times.  I feel for anyone going through the hard drugs right now and my prayers are with you.  Always remember that most likely it will end soon and this will just be a chapter of your life and not the story of your life.  Always remember to have some fun, and to stop and smell the flowers.



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