Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Good Wishes, A Hug for Your Head

Today I want to talk about a sweet organization that I discovered.  They are called Good Wishes (A hug for your head, cute right!).  As I was going through my mountain of papers I came across this little pink piece of paper that looked so cute, so I looked them up.

What they do is provide a scarf to anyone with hair loss or thinning hair due to illness or treatment at no cost.  They want to share good wishes (about link) to those on there way to recovery.  It all started when Laurie Erikson, who was the owner of a hair accessories business was approached by a customer, who requested something for her balding head.  Laurie used some of her finest cotton and silk fabric to make a scarf for the customer.  The staff signed the card and so Good Wishes was born.  Good news is they have a children's line as well!

In the last nine years Good Wishes has sent over 39,000 scarves to those requested.  What I found simply fantastic is they takes every name, city, date sent, and scarf number on a place card and these are taped everywhere in the office, as a reminder of what they are doing this for, to help those on their journey, and send them additional good wishes.
 On their site is a resources tab that list many other organizations.  
wallofhope.jpg (1936×1296)
A pic of their office!

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