Navigating Through This New Life

Here we hope to help with different symptoms of your new life.  Yep, I said symptoms.  We hope to help with different emotions.  Different physical ailments.  Your new life.  Information from different articles found, or just from our experience.  We hope to make a change in your life, for the better.

  • The most important information I can give is:  Be your own advocate!  Find a doctor that you mesh with.  These doctors will be with you for awhile and if you don't mesh, it will be a rough go of it.  Find one who listens to you.  You need someone who will listen when you say "I am in so much pain" or "I have diarrhea that just won't stop, please help" or "I just can't seem to get out of bed, I cry all the time".  You need them to know how to respond to you, to know what you need and when.  And someone who will take your input and actually weigh it into their thoughts.  It has taken a lot of fighting and time but I am now at a point where I feel I have a team that is fighting for me.  Who listens to me.  A team that is there for me, and takes my thoughts into consideration.  I pray you find your team too.

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