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Just like the page title says, here we will post informative resources that we find.  Again, if you know of some, let us know!

On quite a few I will begin with a few thoughts I have about the organization.  Following that, the indented area, are quotes from the websites themselves.

At The Breast Cancer Fund they are working to create a healthier world by eliminating our exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation linked to breast cancer.  Visit the link above to learn more, get tips, and to join them in protecting our families and future generations.

  • Eat organic and kick the can.  When possible choose organic foods and hormone-free meat and dairy.  It reduces pesticide use.  Avoid canned foods until companies replace toxic BPA-based can linings with safe alternatives
  • Take it easy on the plastic.  With kitchenware and water bottles, go old-school with stainless steel and glass.  Never microwave in plastic-even "microwave-safe" plastic can leach chemicals into your food when heated.
  • Choose cleaning products that show you what they're made of.  Or make your own with things like baking soda and vinegar.  Recipes at
  • Stick with oil for pans that don't stick, and use elbow grease to remove stains.  Choose stainless steel or cast iron pots and pans, and consider skipping the stain resistant clothes and carpets.
  • Be wary of your cosmetics and personal care products.  It is perfectly legal to add cancer-causing chemicals to your cosmetics and personal care products.  Check out apps like Think Dirty to learn more about safer products
  • Join the Breast Cancer Fund to learn the science, get more tips, and take action


This is a great resource for many things.  I will list some of what they advertise but whats amazing is what they don't advertise.  If you call their 24/7 hotline and give them your need they will send you to the organization you need.  Here are some of their informative resources.
  • Understanding your cancer and treatment options
  • Finding help with insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid
  • Find programs in your area for people with cancer
  • Cancer education class "I Can Cope" which is in many communities and online
  • An online community to share stories, blog, and talk in an online chat room with other patients and survivors, their "Cancer Survivors Network"
  • Trained breast cancer survivors you can speak with in a program called "Reach To Recovery"

The YSC is a terrific organization who supports research for young women with breast cancer, promotes advocacy for young women with breast cancer, and promotes sisterhood with fellow breast cancer survivors.  They are a great information resource, and also hold a terrific conference every year specifically for young women with breast cancer.  I have a blog written about my recent experience at the conference this year called YSC Summit 2015, a three day journey.  This is the first organization I turned to when I was diagnosed, in fact one of the only ones I found at the time, and still is, with a few exceptions.

Young Survival Coalition is the premier global organization dedicated to the critical issues unique to young women who are diagnosed with breast cancer.  YSC offers resources, connections, and outreach so women feel supported, empowered and hopeful.
Whether you worry about your breast cancer risk, need to stand strong after a new diagnosis, or have joined the ranks of proud survivors, YSC can help you better understand breast cancer, take control of your health and find support from young women who understand.

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